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book comparative mythology

Your summary gave the impression you deeply followed the interview and understood the vast importance of myth in its capacity to assist spiritual progress. Most people in western culture see myth as a false or imaginary story about beings that do not exist. On the other side there are also ignorant persons who believe in myths literally and both miss the opportunity to gain the depth of mythic wisdom that is available; this is due to the corruption of societies that value materialism as opposed to spirituality or whose mythic traditions were destroyed or otherwise lost over time.
In Neterian studies the mythic wisdom is a foundation that opens to mystic wisdom and from the journey of the initiate is to pursue the coveted goal which is mythicly ordained in the myth, but mystically directed by the priests and priestesses of the temple, who are the guardians of the mystic meaning of the mythic metaphoric language. Then the aspirant is to understand and practice that teaching so as to become the character of the myth leading to the mystic goal of spiritual victory. Therefore, to the ignorant goes ignorance and to those with faith and intellectual acumen goes the real chance of attaining the heights of the teaching.