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Dua for your summary.
About numerology:
Certainly number is a key to understanding the nature of reality and can be applied to time and space and also referencing the mythic wisdom about the transcendental Divine. It is important to know the number at which water boils when working with water or just making tea. As well it is important to know why the scripture speaks of so many groupings of the number three, seven, ten, etc. These have relation to the nature of spiritual reality and when known, frame and open crucial aspects of the spiritual teaching for positive spiritual evolution. What has come to be known as “numerology” in modern times often is correlated to astrology and the general term “mumbo jumbo” meaning nonsense, and to some extent that is true from that perspective and the practitioners of some of those practices are indeed charlatans. However, when the deeper study of number as well as its cousin, music, are engaged, there can dawn a deeper connection with sound, the nature of mind, astral reality and spirit that promotes the optimal feelings, thoughts and vibrations for attaining higher consciousness.