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Lesson 1 WK 3 Interactive Assignment Response to POST 7842 Reading assignment pp. 22-34

In responding to the question concerning the path of nature and how the aspirant should think about the spiritual path, the participant noted that the path of nature lead to repeated reincarnations but that having now found a path in the Shedy disciplines, he was nor committed to pursuing this path seeing it as an authentic formula to view the reincarnation of the soul.

I was most impressed by the participants realization of the authenticity and value of the Shedy disciplines as a path to enlightenment. I too feel fortunate realizing through my own past experiences how difficult and challenging it is to progress on one’s spiritual path when there is little guidance or no template to work with. The concept of Shetaut Neter suggest that the divine dimensions of ourselves are hidden to us but can be revealed. And so just as the path to self realization was taught to Heru by Aset, we too need a preceptor who may serve as a guide in giving light to our path thus facilitating our journey. The Shedy disciplines, which has been validated over time, serves as a vehicle for ensuring our success in striving to experience Nehast thus ending the cycles of reincarnation and the pain and suffering that accompanies it.