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Lesson 1 WK3 Reading PP. 24-34Yoga in Ancient Egypt

1)Shedy is the Spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution which was used in ancient Egypt. Shedy means “that which is hidden” thus Shetaut Neter means hidden divinities or divine mysteries

2)The term Smai Taui or Smai Heru-Set are the ancient Egyptian words which are to translated as Egyptian Yoga

3)Aspirants must have the primary interest in advancing spiritually

4) The Path of Nature is where we proceed on our spiritual path through trial and error resulting in repeated incarnations, pain and suffering as a consequence of believing that one can find abiding happiness in the world rather than in oneself. Instead, the spiritual aspirant should realize that Yoga is a tradition which has a long proven record of success in teaching those who desire to discover the self. Hence, it is necessary for the aspirant to have a preceptor, some who has a correct understanding of the teachings to guide them along the path

5) A Sage does not live a life based on the sense perceptions nor on the desires of the mind and body

6) From the perspective of Yoga philosophy, much of the accepted “normal” behavior is really insane behavior which has been accepted as “normal.”

7) The practice of yoga conditions the mind so that it experiences expansion while worldly conditioning and egoism results in mental contraction, dependency on the world and intensification of pain and suffering