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Behudet Maat

Intro to Sn to books intro Egyphilosophy and postures system part 1 by Sebai Maa

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard.

Video 1 The lecture is based on Egyptian mysteries vol.1 introduction to Shetaut Neter. Shetaut Neter is the earliest known advanced practice of religion in history.There’s evidence of its practice going back to at least ten thousand BC which states religion back at least seven thousand years earlier than as previously thought. Up to now it was thought that the Sumerians practiced religion earlier or the Jews or the Hindus. All other religious practices that came after Shetaut Neter get many of their practices from interaction with the people of kemet and their practices.
There are many people trying to follow a kemetic path there are people in Europe trying to follow a kemetic path, trying to follow the tradition of Isis, as well as groups like The rosicrucian to follow the Kemetic path who consider themselves as followers but you come to realize that there’s a lot of admixture of Western culture Western religions into the Neterian practice that they believe they are following. Neterianism is not idolatry nor is it polytheism it is a system devised earliest in Africa but also used by native Americans and other cultures. In religions if you are born into it then you start with the rituals, if you adopt the religion then you start with the myth. Most people inherit their religion and they recieve myth and ritual but not mysticism or philosophy which would help them grow spiritually. They use their myth politically which causes conflicts and they have a devolution in spiritual practice and their religion descends into dogma, violence and conflict. If Mysticism is added to your spiritual practice it will lead to happiness and inner peace, you won’t have to kill anybody, or steal their land. Through mysticism you realize all are one in the divine and are deserving of your love, if that were practiced by all religions there would be no conflicts among religions.
Maat is so subtle that she is intertwined in all traditions.

Video 2.

The earliest asana (yoga posture) of India comes from the yoga sutras of patanjali in 200 B.C and it’s a posture of meditation not vinyasa’s(a series of postures) so even though it’s propagated that the postures go back hundreds of thousands of years the earliest mention is a posture for meditation in 200 B.C.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why? I found the teachings in video 2 of the utmost importance because it dispels of the misinformation promoted about what is being termed as hatha yoga having its origins in India thousands of years ago.

C-Note any questions you may have?

I was in a discussion about kemet and if the people(Remetch) of kemet dealt with numerology not in the way that is commercialized such as “these are your lucky numbers” “this day of the week is your lucky day”etc… I was told that kemetyu(kemetic) numerology is a pseudo teaching, however, what about the numbers of the Neteru in the cosmologies? Isn’t that numerology? Or what about the Egyptian initiate Pythagoras didn’t he deal with numerology?