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Level 1, Lesson 1 Reading Assignment: Intro to Egyptian Yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook (pgs 10-20)

What is the relationship between Egypt and the Ethiopians?
Ethiopian is one of the several terms used in the ancient world to refer to the same black peoples of Africa. Nubian and Kushite are other terms used. Additionally, a High Priest named Manetho and a researcher named Diodorus recorded Herodotus saying, “There are two great Ethiopian nations, one in Egypt and one in India.”

Who are the ancient Egyptians?
A colony of Ethiopians from the south who came to the north east part of Africa.

What is Yoga Philosophy? (b) Egyptian Religion?
Yoga Philosophy and Shetaut Neter are two spiritual disciplines which when combined, make up a viable path to enlightenment. Kemetic Yoga postures of the Neteru and Shetaut Neter teaches aspirants a different way to view their lives. It also gives a clear way to developing one’s self spiritually, using meditation, ritual, diet and other disciplines to transform the ordinary human into an enlightened being.

What is the Initiatic Way of Education?
The initiatic way of Education is an ancient system of learning which involves listening, studying, and meditating upon the lessons. This method includes several different ways of learning in one complete system.

What is Initiation? Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey which leads to spiritual enlightenment.

How does the Kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?
The Kemetic Yoga Counselor is extremely vital to the seeker. Every aspirant should have access to a mentor or an advisor who can provide spiritual guidance. As a seeker myself, I often have had very deep questions but no one to receive answers from. With a Kemetic Yoga counselor, the seeker can find comfort in the fact that they have the proper guidance and are on a path to enlightenment with someone already on a higher spiritual level.

How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
The beginning aspirant should understand the three levels of aspirants and be patient with the process. The levels vary from the probationary period(first level) until illumination(third level). It’s important for the beginning aspirant to focus on awakening the higher self and purifying the mind & body.