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Audi-GS13–Dr. Muuta Ashby Interview about his work and philisophy by TheremixShow 2hrs&20min

The main teachings brought out by the audio were the reasons why Dr. Ashby’s work was so important. In this regard the following points were highlighted:
1) Resurrects and brings to life African history and culture and consciousness which has been forgotten due to our immersion in the material world and our attempt to seek fulfillment of our worldly desires. Most profoundly, because of our disconnect from our African culture, we have lost our knowledge and awareness, of the soul dimensions of ourselves and with it our ethical consciousness.

Through Dr. Ashby’s work, most notably his expounding on the Ausarian myth which serves as a template for our redemption; his work on the Matrix of African Proverbs Using African Wisdom which serves as a source for learning about the ethical valued we need to inculcate within ourselves so that they become the seeds for an enlightened consciousness; as well as his articulation of Tjef Neteru, Sema Tawi or Egyptian Yoga.

The question was asked, what is creation?
This was answered by pointing out that in many cosmological myths, creation originated from a divine essence which in the Neterian worldview, is known as Neberger. From a metaphysical standpoint, the world is not an absolute reality but rather an illusion like a dream. With the creation of the physical reality, we have lost touch with our true identity as immortal, soul-based beings, perceiving creation as existing separate and apart from ourselves. The goal of Shetaut Neter and Dr. Ashby’s work is for us to discover our divine essence by uncovering the illusionary nature of creation realizing that our human form exists only for us to have a human experience but with the ultimate goal of transcending the physical and becoming one with the absolute reality

A third issue that was discussed was the significance of myths which serves as a template for us to live our lives informing us our origins, why we are here, our purpose for being here and how to live our lives. Without myths that contain an ethical system of values a society will self destruct as this one is doing at present. Myths allow us to have a transcendental experience in terms of elevating ourselves beyond the physical plane and connecting to the metaphysical dimensions, activating the myth through ritual. As discussed, one example of a myth that may be used for such a purpose is the myth of the Ausarian resurrection which has six major teachings:
In this myth Asar was killed by his brother Set and was resurrected. His son Heru battled Set, the lower self, and became the King. The deeper meaning of the myth is that each of us has Asar within us as are all the other cosmic principles including Set, our egoism which is responsible for dismembering the higher self but which may be defeated by Aset, the bestower of divine wisdom and love. Asar is the Djed having 4 Tiers representing the four upper Chakras This Djed is located in a special region of the underworld (unconscious), a place where things do not grow–being free from thought. Through this myth we are able to understand ourselves and our relationship to the world but also gain control over ourselves thus controlling our own destiny. The main barrier which prevents us from doing so are our egos but which may be displaced through meditation and being purified through ethical living

Finally it was pointed out that a template for our redemptive journey may be found in the Tree of Life which originates in the Anunian tradition associated with the God Ra. The tree of life embodies the cosmic principles where the goal is that of becoming masters of the earth (lower dimension) –HERU as well as the higher spiritual dimension—ASAR