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Neberdjer Amun Ra Ptah



“I was particularly impressed with the concept of the trinity as it relates to the way the mind perceives reality and how it may serve as a conceptual tool for understanding the process of enlightenment and how it may be achieved.”


Good post on the contents of the lesson materials.

Indeed, this is perhaps one of the most central issues to the Neterian teaching and the psychomythological context in which an aspirant should understand the nature of min in relation to Divine Consciousness. The human is a reflection of cosmic principles manifesting in time and space, yet there is something in the human beyond time and space and the cosmic principles in the form of Neteru (Gods and Goddesses) depict for us mythically, iconographically and conceptually, the nature of mundane and transcendent

Keeping in mind that these are spiritual concepts, yet far in advance of western psychological paradigms, yet even the nature of enlightenment is beyond these notions. However, they are to be understood well and followed in order to promote the desired development and spiritual outcome of transcending time and space -which is actually the same as transcending mind and concepts of any kind.