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Maat Scales of


It is interesting to hear when advancing people on the path mention the benefits to themselves of the teaching but then they want to share those with others and especially their family; this is natural like when someone is in pain the natural desire is to give them something to ease the pain. Yet, that very desire is part of the personality’s acceptance and agreement with the relationships and manifestations of time and space as their own-which is remaining fault of spiritual ignorance and thus also ego bondage to the illusions of time and space. Firstly, you can and should offer assistance and sharing. If it is not wanted or cannot be used you can as a human caught in the world feel bad about it if refused and also think about the very reflections you gave earlier. Some people are not ready and rightly so; therefore let them be and you let yourself be. IT is not a question of selfishness but rather a question of truth, accepting truth and living by truth (i.e. Maat) –so the truth is you are discovering glories and can share with some people and others not. So share with those you can and leave others alone as far as that is concerned and just be as good an example of the teachings you can be – but without expecting even that to move their hearts.

When the heart has suffered sufficiently and cleansed the gross encrusted nature of egoism sufficiently then they can feel before they can think about it-the path to the good; Live and let live, become enlightened and let others become also by and by according to their aryu and thus be in harmony with the flow of time and space as well as the existence beyond, within oneself.