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Indeed the protocol for the Kemet 101 is: now you do not need to wait for feedback and you can progress at your own pace and while many questions will be answered in the following lessons and in subsequent classes, some will also be answered here as you can see, but now on a periodic basis. So now all that is needed to progress to the next lesson is complete the progress test. The idea is for people to get a foundation in the way we espouse the teachings of Shetaut Neter (Egyptian Mysteries) and then be able to make best use of the following classes.


  • This is covered
  • This is an extensive subject and relates to issues of self-misidentification and maladaptation as well as incorrect handling of issues through life and all related to the fundamental issue of egoism(degree of separation from spirit). There are mechanical things to do and also other things that take longer like transforming the personality (ego) to moving towards one’s divine self. For now remove yourself from situation, breathe deeply and rhythmically, refrain (if possible) from responding in kind and then –when calmed down-recall the teaching that you will learn. Also read the book GROWING BEYOND HATE. Also this issue s covered in he course series KEMET 100- KEMETIC LIFE SKILLS COURSE.
  • Book cover growing beyond hate

  • The postures system has different levels of practice, beginning with health, mythic and meditative and each holds longer but all practice in a flow of movement. Go to the shetaut neter youtube channel for more on this and read the books of Egyptian Yoga postures.
  • 3 levels of religion, 3 levels of initiation, 3 sections of the temple, 3 manifestations of spirit, physical astral, causal, there are many issues and these are discussed by and by.
  • Addictions are a factor of misidentification with the limited and ignorant lower self, causing dependencies and delusion. When the higher self is known and experienced and there is purity of heart, no other dependencies are needed. More on this later.
  • In order to have effective cognitive ability and also ability to connect with one’s higher self ALL human beings from all ethnicities need to have melanin and do. If one group was benefited then the group that has more should not be enslaved by the others or should not become spiritually ignorant. Yet, it happens so there is more to it than melanin and the Egyptian mystery studies reveal what that is.
  • I am not aware of such announcements. However such reports are based on writings such as on the breast of the Great Sphinx that were copied and taken to Europe and were exposed to weather and also hostile populations such as Arabs. Nevertheless that has nothing to do with the real dating which is a scientific study of the geology and there is no overcoming that evidence by any opinion about any cartouche. This is covered in several of our books. And in KEMET 101.
  • I know nothing about any spaceships, and the emerald tablet relates to a confluence of teachings connected with the Greek period. Most of our studies are from prior to the Late Period. Indeed, there was divine assistance, accessed by becoming purified divine humans who can connect with spirit and thereby become giants of intellect and wisdom.
  • Indeed there is karmic penalty and we see that every day in the devolution of humanity due to those who engender a negative path and those who follow them.



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