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Lesson 1 WK3 Video Intro to SN Part 3b.mpf Time (41Min 16sec)

The main themes brought out in this teaching include the following:

1)Hatha Yoga which is associated with India finds its origin in Kemet being equivalent to Sema Tawi. There was a discussion about the personalities in India responsible for propagating the philosophy of yoga, a philosophy that is associated with Memphite Theology in Egypt.

2)In further discussing aspects of this Memphite philosophy it was pointed out that Set, as was the case for many of the other Deities, did not have any temples. In the beginning Set was seen as a benevolent Deity who represented the lower forces of the self (not negative only becoming so when exaggerated. Set represents the ego of a person beset with ignorance and delusion.

3)Also discussed was the trinity of Amun-Ra-Ptah describing how Amun represents witnessing consciousness, Ra the interaction of witnessing consciousness with time and space and Ptah the physical dimensions of reality. It was pointed pointed that most people experience this physical plane as an abiding reality. When we dream and aware that we are dreaming then the same applies for when we are awake. That is knowing that the experiences we are having while awake are not real but simply constructions of the mind is what we strive for. This is where the trinity dissolves resulting in us experiencing oneness with the divine (Neberger. It was suggested that meditation served as an important tool in facilitating this process.

4)The point was also made that people come to Neterianism trying to show the connection between it and other traditions. Such people, who try to take bits and pieces of the practice to augment their tradition, it was suggested, never fully appreciates the philosophy and practice of the Neterian path and as a consequence such people should not be considered as serious aspirants since they never fully realize the legitimacy of the tradition and what it has to offer which is enlightenment.

I was particularly impressed with the concept of the trinity as it relates to the way the mind perceives reality and how it may serve as a conceptual tool for understanding the process of enlightenment and how it may be achieved.