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Lesson 11 – Interactive assignment,
This is in reply to Post 6239 by Anthony and reply by Sebai Maa Post 6263

I like Anthony’s reflections on integral Yoga as the most secure method to attain enlightenment. Secure because enlightenment can’t be attained with imperfection in the personnality otherwise, the scales of Maat will not be balanced and it will lead to reincarnatio of the Soul. Therefore, transformation of all aspects of personnality and their dedication to the divine will ensure proper balance so one can reach enlightenment.

I also like point 9 related to critical aspect an aspirant should understand as it relates to the need to balance day to day life with the spiritual teaching. Particularly, the daily practical life should not be thought of as something abiding but, rather as a field of experience for the Soul in its glorious path towards enlightenment.

The commants from Sebai Maa shed additional light on the last point.
Sebai Maa’s clarification about the need to transcend even the concept of living day to day realiy behind provides insightful ideas about how an aspirant should reflect on realities based on perceptions of the senses. Sebai Maa is pointing out to us the trap an aspirant may get into when thinking about leaving the reality behind which may reflect a certain sense of considering that reality as abiding.

I like further when Sebai Maa highlights the fact that it is our responsibility and not an option among many others, to pursue a spiritual life and make it prominent in regards to what we do. Spirituality requires a shift from psychological belief about the world as a permanent reality, to working towards awareness of the trascendental reality of the spirit as the one and only abiding reality. Such transition occurs in degree as we are advancing in our studies and practices; first, it may be intellectual and then reinforced with heatrly conviction that will gradually lead to spiritual enlightenment.


Dua Sebai Maa / Dua Seba Dja