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Indeed, a positive post.

Consider how beneficial selfishness can be.

If a person were to selfishly go to school to become a doctor but his friends wanted to go partying and later they become jerks driving drunk and end up in an emergency where their friend saved their lives, that selfishness was not good for the egos of the doctor’s friends but good for them. If they had used him as an example they might have lived more righteous lies and not ended up in an “accident”. Maybe they might have become doctors like him!.

Since the doctor’s ego did not have that dependency problem he was able to let them go and achieve something higher.
So too an aspirant develops the dispassion and detachment that allows them to be free from attachments as well as desires of their own or that of others because they developed a higher sense of self-sufficiency not dependent on ego sentimentalizes but on the discovery of a higher essence of being. Therefore, a sage is most selfish taking time away from spending with family and friends and instead in shedy and ultimately discovering the presence of that which encompasses all friends and family eve beyond their mortal aspects; and the added bonus is that such a sagely personality is a boon to the friends and family even if the friends and family do not know anything about the fact that heir friend or family member is a sage.