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Lesson 1 intro to SN short part 1b.mp4
video presentation

* There were several important themes presented. These include:
-The timeline of Ancient Kmt compared to modern day religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc.
-The significance of the scarab.
-Shemsu(Followers) Neter.
-The purpose of life.
-The three stages of Religion.
-The importance of the Asarian Resurrection.
-The meaning of the hawk in ancient Kmt and what it symbolizes.
-The concept of Sema Tawi.
-Brief intro on the importance of the Kemetic diet.
-Basics of daily life, including: chants, studying, candles, meditation, and offerings.

*What impressed me the most about the presentation is the fact that ancient Kmt had already been established for thousands of years by the time all of the modern day religions were formed. Many followers of those religions have no idea that their doctrines contain pieces of what was already taught in ancient Kmt(i.e plagiarism).