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Of your post, I found it very touching and devotional; I found the final section most endering to the goddess – and even poetic:
“Q. How would you consider your knowledge of and relationship with the personality called Aset, based on the course completed – now as compared to previous to taking the course?
A. Aset is and has always been in my heart, but finding that fact out was at first hidden. While previously I had devotion and some knowledge of Aset I was unaware of the full extent of her transformation from Lady Aset to Goddess Aset. Meaning what she had to go through and experience to become Goddess Aset. Each lesson was as if a delicate petal of lotus gently opening up and filtering in the rays of wisdom so that it may be absorbed and capable to become fully open for my eyes to see and realize. It is not just in the knowledge of these special teachings that one begins to unveil Aset. Through her guidance you begin to reflect as she did, meditate as she did and act as she did, becoming her by transforming your personality.
Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All Hetep!
Shems Baket “
“lotus gently opening up and filtering in the rays of wisdom”
What she had to go through, indeed, she is a fully realized version of a perfected human, but the human is not perfected just by desiring it but rather by going through the trials as she had to and shows the way we must travel to achieve the same goal. To the extent we can adopt and emulate and seek the refuge in her and her temple and then create our taffy shepsy and strike at the heart of delusion all around; then in silence waiting for the time of striking and falling into oblivion wherein all delusions are thrown asunder.
Therein is where the pain of life (Ra) and the exaltation of Neter are fused in a lotus of gold…