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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Level 1
Lesson 3
During this video, I enjoyed learning more about the connections between Buddhism and despite what modernists may believe, it has been recognized by various Indians that Yoga postures can be date back to Ancient Kemet.
Furthermore, after further reflection on the makeup of the Temple System in Ancient Kemet, I wonder if the way teaching were provided in the various cities allowed aspirants to travel to other temple to learn the various parts of the teachings.
Another very timely and profound lesson was learned from the discussion around refraining from pursuing others to join. I can truly attest to this as being very true. I was introduced to The Temple of Amun by a very close friend who after seeing me read the Book of Enlightenment by Dr Ashby. MY friend enjoyed the yoga, and connected with the 42 Precepts but that was about it because of his religious background he was unable to devote completely to this path. But I was still eager to recruit closer/loved ones to the truth. Pursue others to join was initially disheartening and discouraging but after watching this video, I could be comforted from the not being able to get my family members to pursue this path as well.
I have learned that everyone has their own path to follow based on what happened in during their “Hall experience” after leaving their previous living state. Hence, if their Spirit/Soul is not ready, being that I know that the path of nature causes enlightenment to be inevitable, I must still love and treat others with compassion and respect their wishes and stay free from judgement. I have finally been able to do this as it pertains to my family and significant other. MY only question is, is it an act of selfishness to not want/choose not to be with someone not on the same spiritual path as me? And if not, how do I handle the difficulty related to not being able to practice together or engage in spiritually intense dialogue when reflecting on the teaching, or when practicing morning Shedy is a disturbance to his morning sleep?