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Firstly I would like to focus on a theme running through your post: April 29, 2017 at 6:54 am #7663 ,
You made two statements:
“we are all descendants of Aset and,” and “Knowing that I have a birthright to the Divine name of Ra”
These are correct statements from the perspective of an initiate and from the perspective of devotional practice and relationship. From the perspective of mystic insight these statements are to develop into identity realizations. This means that we are to realize that there is in reality no relationship for that is a mental construct. Actually this mythic teaching and its wisdom is relating a biography and the subject is us. So indeed we are descendants from the perspective of initiation and devotion as well as from the perspective of immersion in Aset and Ra we are not descendants but rather participants in the nature that is ourselves devoid of relativistic relating. This is a highlight of the mystic experience of the Temple of Aset, i.e. realizing we are akhu
In post June 22, 2017 at 6:13 am #7837 you stated:
Thus, I “unplugged” myself from the spiritual community—
“However it is much easier in the safe and controlled classroom environment to be immersed in the teachings on an academic level.”
“The real challenge is taking that knowledge and applying it in the world of time and space outside of the classroom where oftentimes it is not so nurturing. My experience has been that TTOA teachings do not fade in worldly circumstances, but serve as a guide during times of adversity and act as a Blessing during more joyful times”
“At times when I feel conflicted it means that I must examine what’s behind those feelings and resolve it, rather than mentally filing it away, so that I can be about the Divine task of building my own Taffy Shepsy through an nemmu nemmu—being still and at peace, without mental agitations.”
“This makes Aset not just a Goddess, but a Mentor and Spiritual Preceptor.”
Indeed unplugging is important to be able to focus the mental capacities on the processing that needs to occur in the mind/heart that gives rise to “saa” or subtle spiritual understanding. In fact I would say this is integral to the practice, for, maintaining constant engagement in the world is a detrimental and debilitating and process as opposed to thoughtfulness and concentration.
The capacity of handling the world is reinforced by seeking refuge with the goddess as is explained in her scripture and in her disciplines recorded by Plutarch. We are to seek refuge in her and her temple and then we are able to, again, process life experiences and move towards momentous realizations that are spiritual elevating but also tremendously empowering, giving ourselves the capacity to not only handle the world but also be spiritually victorious in the face of the challenges (obstacles) posed by Ra (outer manifestations of nature [Creation]). Of course the challenge is tested in the practical world and with each retreat and time spent in reflection and then in worldly engagement the movement can be further advanced so as to move relentlessly towards the goal of life.
I would agree that if the conflicted states of mind are not filed away and allowed to produce new negative aryu for the future, and instead faced and made sense of, then this is essential to the process of success alluded to by the goddess and in the practice of being an nemmu nemu is allowed to gather force to promote the capacity for going into Ra and coming out as enlightened being (Aset).
Therefore I would also say, along with what I said about the previous post, that along with being “Goddess, but a Mentor and Spiritual Preceptor.” She is also “me” meaning the true and abiding self in you and all.