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Your posts, as I have mentioned, are very good in terms of their reflections of the teaching and I wanted to make sure that that intellectual exposition also takes into account the artistic or right brain insights that need to occur for a proper spiritual development to go forward. As such, understanding is necessary for viability in the spiritual process so it is a vital component and essential though not the only essential component needed.

When there is autonomic activity it is founded on something and that something is the storehouse or condition (level of clarity) of the storehouse of unconscious impressions (aryu). Therefore, if a sage operates in automatic mode that mode is based on a different perspective and even we might say a divine manifestation since that conscience is operating based on the dictates / conscience / foundation of identity informed by Spirit as opposed to egoistic impressions based on illusions and delusions gained from experiences in time and space. This is the operative state of personality that is the goal of life and is also referred to as Akh (Shining Spirit personality/consciousness)