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LESSON 11 – TTOA Q. & A.

Udja Sebai Maa. Dua for the thought provoking questions in response to my post # 7663 in your post # 7699.

Let me first preface that in order to answer these questions as thoughtfully as they were presented, I needed more time to reflect and, therefore, on a day to day basis observed how the teachings of TTOA have impacted my life. Thus, I “unplugged” myself from the spiritual community—continuing to maintain my daily Devotions and TTOA Meditation practice—in order to put myself to the test, so to speak, as an initiate of TTOA in the world of time and space.

1. (looking at it objectively as an observer) What do you think or feel about yourself (comparing to before completing the course) from the standpoint of having become academically qualified to call yourself an initiate of the temple/teaching of Aset (if that is your choice)?

To answer the previous question, I have been profoundly moved by TTOA course teachings and I am eternally grateful for the way in which it was presented. I was able to absorb these teachings in a nurturing environment with my Spiritual Preceptors and Shems classmates. However it is much easier in the safe and controlled classroom environment to be immersed in the teachings on an academic level.

The real challenge is taking that knowledge and applying it in the world of time and space outside of the classroom where oftentimes it is not so nurturing. My experience has been that TTOA teachings do not fade in worldly circumstances, but serve as a guide during times of adversity and act as a Blessing during more joyful times. I like having less drama in my life, paying close attention to my actions and what is driving them, with the intention of putting Aset in the driver’s seat and leading with Divine Intuition.

2. How do you see your personality (looking at it objectively as an observer) in terms of being a follower of the teaching at initiatic level or whatever level you choose Ex. As an initiate or even clergy (if that is your intent) of the teaching?

It means living by the principles put forth in the teachings through the example of the Goddess Aset by emulating Her Divine actions. This way of being is what guides me in each decision I must make in my day to day life. At times when I feel conflicted it means that I must examine what’s behind those feelings and resolve it, rather than mentally filing it away, so that I can be about the Divine task of building my own Taffy Shepsy through an nemmu nemmu—being still and at peace, without mental agitations.

To be an initiate of the Temple of Aset is a Divine responsibility that I freely choose and accept. There is no going back—only forward, wherever that may lead me in this lifetime, with the goal of receiving the true name of Ra. Though I have not as yet mastered all aspects of the teachings, I have noticed positive transformations in my personality that I don’t think shows outwardly but is freeing within. Therefore, I do not dwell in yesterday’s disappointments, but rather move forward knowing that each day brings renewed opportunity to move forward into the Light.

Ultimately, I envision my personality as an initiate of TTOA as being first responsible to myself, then to the greater humanity, and last but not least to the planet and nature in which we all share.

3. How would you consider your knowledge of and relationship with the personality called Aset, based on the course completed—now as compared to previous to taking the course?

I must go all the way back to my childhood to answer the previous question, when I first became a Devotee of the Goddess Aset based on the Mysteries of Isis T V series. Like most people I was bedazzled by Aset and Her magic powers. But even when I became an adult and began formal studies of Kemetic Spirituality and Philosophy, I only thought of Aset in terms of Her Goddess persona—not really realizing that Aset shared in the human experience.

This is what made Her more powerful than the Gods and Goddesses, who are emanations of the Divine and, as such, are limited to fulfilling the Cosmic forces that they represent. I learned that because Aset was human She had a choice. She could choose to remain a revered human Queen of Kemet, or be like the Shepsu, or Sages, or the Gods and Goddesses—or choose to be like Ra Himself.

Because we are human beings we also have the gift of choice to be Divine, as well as the choice to live by animalistic behavior and even below animals. By Aset’s example in TTOA course, we discover how to reach our highest Divine Self. This makes Aset not just a Goddess, but a Mentor and Spiritual Preceptor.

Dua Aset! Dua Sebai Maa! Dua Seba Dja!


Shems Heryt