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Lesson 1 WK2 Audio (3.25 min) Topic: Practice of Meditation

1)Main Teachings brought out in the audio

This audio recording addressed the practice of meditation which was recommended to be done a minimum of 5 minutes per day. The process involved sitting quietly, back straight and breathing in such a manner that upon inhaling the abdomen is constricted and upon exhaling it expands. As we inhale we mentally chant “Om Amun Ra Ptah” where Om means universal existence or Neberger;Amun Ra Ptah refers to the trinity of existence–hear-seen-sight. Upon exhaling we chant this in an audible manner.

2)Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the lecture?If so which ones?

While this form of meditation is new to me I find that it lends itself to being practiced throughout the day while being engaged in worldly activities. This should help in keeping me grounded in the teachings in a more sustained manner. I was introduced to the Golden Body system of meditation a few months ago which I practice for about an hour daily, doing so in the early morning (3-5AM)

3) If not then how will you implement the teachings you are currently practicing in your spiritual life?

I intend to continue with the Golden Body meditation but add to it the one I learned in this lecture. Amun Ra Ptah is a chant I often do upon completing my postures and I seem to gravitate to it and look forward to learning about the principles associated with this particular trinity.