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Lesson 1 WK2 SN Short Part 2b.mp4

This video had as general focus the role of meditation in Shetaut Neter and the role it plays in one’s spiritual practice. It was pointed out that the Glorious Light Meditation system was the first formal meditation system to have been developed having its origins in Kemet being found on the tomb of Seti. This system involves visualizing a circle with a dot in the middle and then imagining oneself in the center.

Meditation also involves reflecting on the teachings and in this various Gods and Goddesses were illustrated and discussed. This included Asar king of the Netherworld, Ampu the son of Asar and Nebthet, Djehuti–cosmic mind, Goddess Mesket who determines the nature on one’s reincarnation and Goddess Maat whose principles should become the foundation of oneself.

One of the things that impressed me most was the extent to which one was in control of one’s spiritual destiny and how that destiny was determined the extent to which one was true to Maatian principles. As it was pointed out, if one’s heart was found to be heavier than a feather as evidence of one’s unrighteousness, then one would be reincarnated and come back the the physical plane once again; if one’s heart was found to be as light as a feather one would then go to the astral plane and serve Asar; if however, one’s heart was found to be lighter than a feather one would then be elevated to a divine status and sit on Asar’s throne. Being righteous then, is discovering a cosmic balance between oneself and the universe.

I was also impressed by the discussion of the Semai Paut system of postures and that being more than a system of physical exercises were more important a tool for one’s spiritual growth being grounded in myth. By engaging in the postures one brings the myth to life and moreover becoming one with the cosmic principles associated with the various postures this representing the mystical dimensions of the system. All this resonates with me in that although I am just learning the system I find that it has more meaning and purpose when I can relate it the the mythical themes associated with it.

Finally, I realized how important it is to practice this system in an integral fashion as was pointed out. One must not only do the postures but develop one’s will through meditation, ones intellect through study of the teachings–listening, reflecting and mediating on them; one’s emotion through devotion, and sublimating one’s ego through selfless service.

It was also pointed out that the role of the preceptor is to provide understanding of the teaching and how to apply it and for this to work the importance of surrendering to the teaching and not relate to the teacher in an ego=centered. I must admit that at first this was somewhat of a challenged since as a teacher I was trained to question and be critical of all forms of knowledge. As my respect, admiration and love for the teacher and the teachings developed however this no longer became an issue for me.