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“The two areas that I am most challenge in are 1)developing divine will through meditation including meditating on the divine within creation as manifested in people particularly those who may project negative vibrations in ways that threatens to upset once emotional balance. This challenge pertains particularly to my sister whoI am continuously challenge in displaying compassion, forgiveness and love while overlooking her sometimes abusive behavior realizing that is a manifestation of her insanity (ego dominated personality). The challenge is always that of seeing the divine essence within her knowing that is the dimension that is most real. To be able to experience peace in the world I am slowly learning how to take a detached posture and not identify with the ego centered dimensions of peoples personalities and actions. I find that the more I am grounded in and aware of the teachings, the better I am able to be dispassionate in relation to the world.“


GLM - Glory of Khnum Nefer

These may be considered among the most common and perhaps hardest of challenges for all aspirants.

The secret to success lies in two disciplines: called in the scriptures “khak-ab”, “antet begag” and “an chen” meaning dispassion/detachment and perseverance in the face of frustrating situations, being relentless; secondly, without stopping, meaning never letting up on the practice of shedy. This means not practicing the shedy disciplines (meditation, right action, devotions, study of scripture) and taking breaks or vacations from the teachings. If these disciplines are done proficiently then it leads the personality to a situation of thinking and feeling apart from the illusory world to a position of witness as opposed to participant in the play of life which is illusory and distracting away from what is “un” or real and abiding. As you say, you are “slowly learning to take a detached posture” and this is the way. But more efficiently by following a concerted teaching and personal practice in conjunction with others on the path as well as if possible attending local, online and national or international shedy programs to help augment the spiritual practice and enhance the capacity to practice the shedy disciplines. Each effort and the quality of effort hones the personality in degrees relentlessly leading to the goal of the teachings: Nehast (enlightenment).

antet begag