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I would agree in principle with your statement. However, I would see the control that she displayed in this situation as a factor of not only sound intellect, because many people have “sound” intellects but are still affected by feelings that may not distort the intellect (so they continue to know truth) but nevertheless are unable to act on truth and live by truth because –what you stated in the last part of your post—the unconscious mind has not been fully transformed (into pure feeling) therefore, Aset at once represents the culmination of pure intellect and pure feeling that allows her to think clearly with determination and without wavering due to the winds of emotions (in other words her personality is like a candle when there is no wind to cause the candle fire to move or burn in an unsteady fashion. And this is of course the ultimate goal though attaining this high state is not necessary for attaining enlightenment—that occurs at a lower threshold of purity and that increases like the sun dawning and moving towards noon.


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