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The Great Awakening: This is the goal of the practices. You are not working for someone to resurrect in the next lifetime, but now. Use your best abilities now to attain spiritual enlightenment.
I thought this summed up the lesson very well and gave a clear prospective of what Shetaut Neter is. There are many pieces to Shetaut Neter but they all lead to the same goal/place… enlightenment. I feel like this is attainableable and is continuous or ongoing. Enlightenment is limitless in its ability and attainment.

The other important information that I took from this lesson was that myth should not be simply historical. As mentioned in the lesson, the battle between Heru and Set is not one of historical context but one that happens everyday within us. We must tie these two together (Sma) to reach enlightenment. It is the higher and lower self becoming one or in unison.

-Shetaut Neter is the earliest known advanced practice of religion in human history
-From Neterian religion came other religions that took from these teachings in creating their own religions
-We are not a church, cult, nor a new age religion – we are a Kemetian African Religion
-The cros was a Kemetic symbol that the Christians took for their own along with other religions and symbols
-Shetaut Neter is the original point for most of the world religions
-Khepri is the founder of Neterianism/Shetaut Neter
Khepri told the philosophy to Tehuti who wrote down the philosophy/teachings, Tehuti told this to Het-Heru, Asarian, Aset
-Khepri gave the teaching, Tehuti wrote down the teaching, Asar taught people how to do the divine worship, Aset taught the mysteries/philosophy of the teaching, Heru is the embodiment of the soul/spirit with wisdom
-Shetaut=Hidden Neter=Divine
-Shemsu Neter=Follower of the Divine or someone who follows Shetaut Neter
-Neter=the origin of all creation (the Supreme Divinity or Khepera)
-Shetaut Neter is about leading back to the understanding of the Supreme
-Anthropomorphic=Depicted like humans / Zoomorphic=Depicted like animals
-3 stages of religion that need to be practiced: 1.Myth 2.Ritual 3.Mystical/Mysticism
-Myth is transferred through storytelling – 3 stages – 1.Learn 2.Practice 3.Discover truth of the myth
-Myth is not supposed to be strictly historical, when this is done your mysticism is lost.
-The philosophy of complimentary opposites is very important in Shetaut Neter
-Sma=coming together
-Heru & Set make up the Higher & Lower Self – the symbol of the higher/lower nature, upper/lower Kmt
-Neterti-2 eyes of Ra or Heru – Sun and Moon
-Daily observations of Shemsu – 3 worships daily=Dawn, Noon, Dusk
Formal: Bath, Light Candle, Light Incense, Recite 4 Great Truths, Chant Daily Hekau, Study of scripture, Meditation, Offering
-There is Wisdom, Offering, Devotion, and Meditation
Practice of the postures: a physical workout session, a mythological ritual, a meditation session

1. With the 3 daily worships are any of the formal examples a way of worship or are their a specific set? I have noticed it seems to be more specific in theater practice.

2. In building an altar how do you choose the Gods/Goddesses to display?