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Readings from Initiation Into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality Workbook for beginning and Advancing Aspirants PP. 10-20

1) What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?

as someone whose spiritual journey began in the Rastafarian tradition, I find this to be a particularly interesting question given the significance that Ethiopia has for Rastafarians. It appears that Egyptians and Ethiopians are one and the same people, the Egyptians having migrated from the south lead by Asar. This southern region was also known as Kush(Land of Gold, Land of Blacks) presently Sudan Ethiopia. The land to the north Egypt, was known as Quamit (Kamit)

2) Who were the ancient Egyptians?

The Egyptians were colonist who traveled south from Ethiopia once the silt from the river Nile created land. The Ethiopians were themselves the first people on creation. Evidence of the organic link shared between Ethiopians and Egyptians may be found in the similarities between bot cultures some of which include: 1)the belief that Kings are gods 2)special attention they pay to burials 3)similarity in the form of their writing 4)Priest perform similar functions doing so in a similar way–keep clean and shaven, have similar dress and staff shaped like a plough

3)What is Yoga philosophy? A)Egyptian Religion

Yoga philosophy has its origins in the ancient Egyptian religion, Shetaut neter, a highly developed philosophical systems that is over seven thousand years old and which has its ultimate aim the unification of the individual soul with the universal soul, or what may be considered to be “enlightenment”. This system being inherently psycho-spiritual, provides individuals with insights into their own natures and provides answers to the fundamental questions of life: What does it mean to be human? why are we here? what is our purpose in life? What is the meaning of death and what implications does that have for how we life our life?

4) What is initiation?

Initiation is a process of embarking on a journey of spiritual living leading to spiritual enlightenment. The method by which this is done is by listening to, reflecting on and meditating on the teachings while being guided by a qualified teacher.

5) How does the Kemetic counselor help the seeker?

The counselor serves as a spiritual guide that directs the person along the path towards enlightenment, instructing the student on the methods by which the self may be purified and the teachings applied in an effective manner so as to promotes ones psycho-spiritual growth and development.

How should the beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspiration?

They should assume that each level of aspiration serves as a foundation for the subsequent one, each building on the one that came previously. During the first level–ASPIRATION-involves awakening the spiritual self, that is, becoming conscious of the divine presence within oneself. At the second level–STRIVING–having attained inner vision and glanced cosmic consciousness,one then embarks on a purgation of self or purification of the mind and body through spiritual discipline. here one surrenders one’s personal EGO identity to the divine universal self. In the third stage–ESTABLISHED–one experiences ILLUMINATION OF THE INTELLECT–that is, experience and appreciation of the divine presence during reflection, meditation, union with the divine self.