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File GS12 Show 35 76833.MP3 “An evening with Sabai Maa and Sebai Dja–Why is Shetaut Neter Important.

Mai Teachings Brought Out in the Lesson:

Shetaut neter is important because it provides us with a proven systematic (scientific) methout for achieving self realization and transcendence which is the ultimate purpose of life. Most people aspire towards achieving self fulfillment but do so using methods that ultimately leads to pain and suffering, never finding an abiding “peace” since their methods restrict them to time and space within the physical realm.

While there are other spiritual paths, Shetaut Neter is unique because it’s methods are holistic designed to integrate and balance the various dimensions of self including 1)the intellect through reflecting on the wisdom teachings, 2)the will through the practice of meditation, 3)the emotions through devotion and focus on the divine. Devotion is not only about singing and giving praise to the Gods and Goddesses. It also involves seeing the divine in others, moving beyond their ego based personalities and focusing on their higher essence and 4)righteous action through selfless service.When we are able to integrate all these dimensions of self, we experience an abiding peace and joy which is often referred to as enlightenment.

Another aspect of Shetaut Neter involves the purification of self to prepare the personality for being receptive to the teachings. Such a purification process involves balancing and harmonizing the cosmic principles within the self which includes:
Heru=mastery over the lower nature
Set=ego structure

By practicing Shedy (teachings) we are able to integrate and purify these various dimensions of self and become one with these principles (mysticism) allowing us to experience Nehas or spiritual awakening. As we practice the teachings we become more sane (less grounded in an ego consciousness). This process sometimes involves moving backward in order to move forward in an integrated way. All dimensions of the self needs to be purified and so when one component needs more work we need to go back and address and then move forward once more. We must move forward in a purposeful, conscious and integrated way.

Which aspects of the teachings am I implementing?

I aspire towards practicing Shedy in its entirety recognizing the integral nature of the system and how this is important to a successful practice. I spend much time reading and reflecting on the teachings so as to purify my intellect. I also try to engage in selfless service both in my home life as the brother of someone who suffers from schizophrenia as well as in my professional life as a teacher. In both aspects I often feel that the divine is working through me and is the ultimate source of my actions. The two areas that I am most challenge in are 1)developing divine will through meditation including meditating on the divine within creation as manifested in people particularly those who may project negative vibrations in ways that threatens to upset once emotional balance. This challenge pertains particularly to my sister whoI am continuously challenge in displaying compassion, forgiveness and love while overlooking her sometimes abusive behavior realizing that is a manifestation of her insanity (ego dominated personality). The challenge is always that of seeing the divine essence within her knowing that is the dimension that is most real. To be able to experience peace in the world I am slowly learning how to take a detached posture and not identify with the ego centered dimensions of peoples personalities and actions. I find that the more I am grounded in and aware of the teachings, the better I am able to be dispassionate in relation to the world.

Towards the end of the lesson the question regarding how wise it was to have children in this time. The answer provided by Sebai Maa resonated with me in terms of how having children is based on one’s Ari. I felt liberated by the answer since this society looks down on African men who are childless seeing it as “sinful”. I often think that my not having children was due to past actions that were negative probably occurring both in this life as well as in previous ones. More recently however, I have come to see how not having children or even not being married for that matter may be a blessing as far as my spiritual growth is concerned.

As in most of teachings of Shetaut Neter, I found this one to be enlightening and informative