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Udja Sebai Maa,

Dua for the reply to Post No 7705 and particularly for the comment about the necessity of uncertainty in regards to the process of enlightenment. The gap between certainty and uncertainty mean there is something transcendental. Dua also for emphasizing the need to practice the teaching in an integral manner. I also reflected on the importance of purifying Arius along with integration. I reflected on the concept that when people are not enlightened, they may consciously think about making decision but, in reality it is from the Arius as most people rely on autonomic psychological functions : a state of affairs that is pretty sad in a sense. Only enlightened beings are conscious of their essential aspect. Autonomic activity will gradually reflect higher Self with practice of Shedy disciplines which will lead to enlightenment. Also, Dua for the point related to gradual identification with the higher Self as we are immersing more and more in the realization of the Self, leading to more and more awareness of illusory aspect of the egoistic aspect and discovery of our abiding nature.

Dua Sebai MAA