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Bastu Akhu

Reading Assignment

1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?
The hieroglyphic term that captivated me personally was;

Vs. 59.1 “Hesyu”

Sebai’s explanation of the root words of hesyu ; hesy (divine singing) and ‘khu or hekau” (speaking) really resonated with me. It made me reflect on Maat and why the philosophy is the foundation of the teachings of Shetaut Neter and why when Ra brought creation into being he was standing on the pedestal of Maat. This is so, because maakheru, which is necessary in creating ‘life’ is attained by standing on the principles of Maat. I think the nafu (air, wind, lifeforce energy) found in the ‘hesyu’ can only be effective if it’s in line with the ‘pattern’ of Maat that Sebai spoke about in the 2016 conference. It also made me reflect on our chants, hymns etc. and why we are guided to “have devotion of purpose” to put the right feeling, vibration etc. into our words and sounds. Hence as Sebai said the mouth is connected to the unconscious mind, so the words and singing can only become effective when one has Maakheru (ethical consciousness, righteousness) which is attained by living by Maat.