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Lesson 8

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Sebai began this lesson with a recap of our past lessons. I enjoy and find the recaps very beneficial in keeping the essence and goal of the teaching at the forefront of my mind. It also brings out certain nuances of the scripture, especially when Sebai expound on or add other insights to them. One of which in this lesson for me was the process of creating. Sebai spoke again about the dual divinity (Neter Neterty) who creates all things, in particularly, the life force in the form of the breath of life, which enlivens (essentially this is what makes the body conscious and aware) and the fire of life which cause the conscious body to have movement, work, walk etc. I gather the special “tjst” glyph that Sebai also mention, which is the symbol for “tying of the knot” uses this “life force” in its forms to create. Sebai added that this symbol is one of the main keys of all teachings because it is a key to how atoms, molecules, gravity, elements etc. (matter) are formed through this “tying” and even how it ties people together through the words of power etc. Sebai profound statement summed up this process “It is a creative process of putting the right things together to create the right kind of situation, the right kind of life process. You put the right things together you get life, you put the wrong things together you get death, you get disintegration, you get unrighteousness. You put truth together with action you get righteousness…”
Further in the lesson Sebai mentioned the special process called the “khu” from the Anunian Creation Myth and The Hymn to Ra. Ra brought creation into being by forming it, binding and knotting it (tjst) using the ‘khu’, words of power, the life force energy that causes matter in the nun to arrange in a certain way. Then the matter vibrates in a way that makes it appear solid, at this point it separates from the nun as it is no longer undifferentiated.

Sebai further states that everything in creation is brought forth from the nun by this special process and if we learn this process we will be able to create an enlighten personality of ourselves. I take this all to relate to the ‘kneading’ that Aset does to transform her personality into a taffy shepsy.

Vs. 54 – 58

Ra continues to explain to the gods and goddesses that he did not know what happened to him. He was just being himself, being inconspicuous and hidden when he was bitten. He explained the feeling of the bite as a burning of ‘a strange fire ‘which he mentioned is coursing through his whole body, in his heart, his limbs etc. causing him to shake terribly.

Vs. 59

Ra liken this shake to ‘mesu hesu’ a fearful child whose uncontrollable fear causes a lost of intellect. However, Sebai offers a deeper more mystical understanding which stems from the root of the word hesyu. Hesyu has two terms, hesy which is divine singing and ‘khu or hekau” which is speaking. Hesyu is composed of nafu (wind, air, life force) which mystically means that singing or speaking certain teachings with the proper feeling, power, energy, vibration etc. causes a trembling (vibration) in time and space that breaks down one’s own delusion about the idea of Ra. However, this is not a script or pitch one can learn and recite. For ones words and sounds to become powerful one has to transform their current form, the very content of the unconscious mind from an individual (mortal) to an androgynous (immortal) form who is ethically conscious, wise about the nature of Ra and detached from time and space. This is so because the mouth is connected to the unconscious mind, so the words and singing can only become effective when one has Maakheru (ethical consciousness, righteousness).

Vs. 59 A – 66

Ra then proceeded to call for the gods and goddesses that were well intentioned and have knowledge and healing words of power to be brought to him. These gods and goddesses came to Ra crying at the awareness of him in pain. Aset also came to Ra, but she was not crying at all, instead she was ready and provisioned with “khut” the creative power in the form of the breath of life (nafu n ankh), words of power, the capacity of speech she had gain from the process of transforming herself into the taffy shepsy. This vibration is what is breaking down creation, her own creation. I gathered here that Aset as the model for the aspirant has poisoned her own creation with the power she had gained so only she can undo Ra’s misery. In addition, no power in creation can oppose her because the power she used is of her own creation.

Vs. 67 – 70

The scripture continues with Aset asking Ra what happened to him and at the same time telling him it was a snake of his own creation that bit him, which was really her. Aset is demonstrating what all avid aspirants should do, to rise up and be defiant against the illusion of creation, Ra. The transformation of the content of the ariyu, the unconscious mind is what leads to words of power, the key to shatter the illusion of creation as well as restore it, as Aset did also comfort Ra by letting him know she had the words of power to relieve him of the poison.


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