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Htp Sebai,

I didn’t take too many notes on the first lecture because much of it was familiar to me. I am by no means an expert or master but I have been studying for almost ten years now different topics in esotericism and metaphysics. Also I misunderstood the format for online exchange of information after I signed up so I thought we just answered the questions after the lectures and posted the answers here along with our additional questions.

I do understand that we are living in perilous times and I personally have pretty much given up on trying to change this sick world through direct action like marches, boycotts, etc. The “elite” don’t care. It is a waste of time. All you can do at this point is change yourself and then others may or not decide to follow your example. Isn’t it curious how Shetaut Neter never proselytzes to build its membership or to get federal funding throug 5013cs? The so-called major religions all take comfort in the quantity of their members without caring about the quality whatsoever. This is typical of everything in the West. I believe westerb behavior as a whole has become so materialistic that it is now compulsive which means for most people it can no longer be reversed or even negated by good karma. Negative entities have taken over the bodies on many people. Only Neberdjer knows what has happened to their Ka if they ever even had one. This hypermaterialism is a cancer on the planet and it spreads just like cancer. I do understand that since I have only been studying for a few years that I am not prepared for direct perception so the lower Neteru must be worshiped first. I also understand the importance of the consistency particularly in regard to Uaa. The part agree that the female principle has been degraded and degenerated and that imbalance outside of Ma’at will never lead to any lasting or real happiness.

Henotheism like you said is an important concept that keeps people from fighting each other over whose God is the best. It is strange how monotheists claim one god but then at the same time say everyone else has their own god. That makes them polythiests whether they admit it or not since they are saying other religions have different gods when there is truly only one Supreme. Thank you for your service to mankind ahead of time.

I have a lot of questions so I’ll list them.

1) You mentioned the West, the East and there also being a South? I have not heard that before but it can wait if that is covered in later lectures.

2) What is the best way to deal with anger? I have found that it usually results from pride. When my intelligence or manhood is insulted I tend to be very prone to fits of rage. I know meditation can help with that but I have not been very consistent.

3) With the yoga poses is there a certain length of time each one should be held? I usually just hold them for a few seconds before moving on to the next.

4) You mentioned the three levels of yoga? That is a new concept to me so I was wondering when more of that would be covered. I will also get the books. I am only the Vol 1 that you recommend as a foundation for new students.

5) You mentioned something about addiction being codependency or something similar. I did not fully understand.

6) What is the impact of dark melanin on our ability to connect with Divinity?

7) There are several books out now saying that Hor Em Ahket was built more recently because part of that cartouche was faked. Is this just more fraud by European Egyptologists? I know in the past sometimes they have dug up things, changed the faces to look Europeans and then buried them again.

8) I have read the Emerald Tablet of Djehuty and find it fascinating. Doesn’t he take credit for building the Great Pyramid and Sphinx? He even says there is a spaceship located nearby. I take nothing away from the ancient Kemetics and Neterians but I do believe they had divine assistance and that they were chosen for that very purpose to be an example to the world.

9) Lastly why does every other so-called “race” steal everything Kemet did, repackage it and then attempt play it off as their own? That is cultural piracy and plagiarism and I would think it would carry a heavy karmic penalty.

Ankh Djed Was,