Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 1 Discussion Forum #2


UdjA Sebai,
Dua for the feedback on the Asarian Myth rendition. Aslo dua for clarfication of the importance of the role of Intuitional wisdom in saving aspiration after it was killed. I have since then spent more time familiarizing myself and reflecting on that part of the myth.

For the question “Is intuition is an foreign entity or essence waiting to rescue the soul?” I Would say no. Intuitional wisdom is within us as it emanates from the transcendental essence in many forms and is eventually formed within the construct of the human being. It is therefore the essence of who I am waiting to be discovered. It manifests in forms conceivable by the human consciousness depending on such level of awareness. Once the personality is purified and the consciousness expands the other ways wisdom manifests can be experienced. For example practicing order, balance, righteousness, reciprocity etc will lead to a higher way of living qualifying one to raise above the hold of the world to experience sparks of the soul and perhaps enough to birth the aspiration to know truth. Developing correct instincts from living an ordered, balanced life and studying the teachings eventually strengthens the intellect. Intellect applied correctly coupled with the sema practices develops ones wisdom faculty. All these all the while are within as they make up the human personality but also are apart of all in different forms. Though the forms are illusions, even illusions are made of something. So intuition is all that been, all tat there is, all that shall be,,,,but the consciousness of a mortal human does not have the expansion/capacity to unveil her.