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Bastu Baket

Reply to Sebai Maa’s Feedback #7698
Q. (looking at it objectively as an observer) What do you think or feel about your-self (comparing to before completing the course) from the standpoint of having succeeded thought the process of the course and having become academically qualified to call yourself an initiate of the temple/teaching of Aset (if that is your choice)?

A. In contemplating the answer to this question I believe a range of replies entered my mind and some of them would be interchangeable with the next questions. First there is deep gratitude to the Goddess, my Spiritual Preceptors Sebai Maa and Seba Dja and fellow students for being able to participate in these teachings, the valuable interaction between us in doing the lessons and the capacity to assimilate the profound wisdom that was presented. It is as if when you go to the doctor to have your eyes examined; first you are asked to look at a chart and read it; then the doctor places a machine across your face/eyes and changes lenses you can either see the chart clearer or blurred. These teachings are that machine clearing up your thinking, vision and personality allowing for the purest of clarity to be illumined.

Q. How do you see your personality (looking at it objectively as an observer) in terms of being a follower of the teaching at initiatic level or at whatever level you choose-Ex. as an initiate or even clergy) (if that is your intent) of the teaching?

A. While I have been a devotee of Aset, this course allowed for in-depth understanding and clarity of the exact process of what Aset accomplished and shared with those of us who wish to follow her route. A road map to what is true and abiding was clearly laid out. You become much closer to her in your thinking, acting and being. I only pray that that is now evident in my personality. I humbly feel I have gained knowledge of the hidden aspects of these teachings through the thorough and integrated process of the lessons and now the application of them is to be enjoined in an integral fashion.

Q. How would you consider your knowledge of and relationship with the personality called Aset, based on the course completed – now as compared to previous to taking the course?

A. Aset is and has always been in my heart, but finding that fact out was at first hidden. While previously I had devotion and some knowledge of Aset I was unaware of the full extent of her transformation from Lady Aset to Goddess Aset. Meaning what she had to go through and experience to become Goddess Aset. Each lesson was as if a delicate petal of lotus gently opening up and filtering in the rays of wisdom so that it may be absorbed and capable to become fully open for my eyes to see and realize. It is not just in the knowledge of these special teachings that one begins to unveil Aset. Through her guidance you begin to reflect as she did, meditate as she did and act as she did, becoming her by transforming your personality.

Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All Hetep!
Shems Baket