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When you post a interaction reply to another post you may or may not receive an acknowledgement or feedback as such as you would with a primary post of assignment answers. So you can feel free to post your interaction replies and not wait for a feedback or acknowledgement before proceeding with your lessons. Certainly if you do not see feedback within 2 weeks for your main assignment posts then feel free to send a reminder email that you are waiting for feedback so we can get right to it.

As far as your message here, it is heartening to know that you received the message in such a positive way. Realizing that, it is also worth keeping in mind that all are potentially sages and what behaving like one does is to allow one to experience the true nature within and at some point the behavior ceases to be forced and becomes spontaneous. So it is like fake it till you make it but this faking is really following a model of truth that is already there, within oneself, but undiscovered.