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You have touched on some of these points but I would like you also to consider the following reflections and add the areas not covered in your posts.

(looking at it objectively as an observer) What do you think or feel about your-self (comparing to before completing the course) from the standpoint of having succeeded through the process of the course and having become academically qualified to call yourself an initiate of the temple/teaching of Aset (if that is your choice)?

How do see your personality (looking at it objectively as an observer) in terms of being a follower of the teaching at initiatic level or at whatever level you choose-Ex. as an initiate or even clergy) (if that is your intent) of the teaching?

How would you consider your knowledge of and relationship with the personality called Aset, based on the course completed – now as compared to previous to taking the course?

(This Q is for personal reflection and not for posting) Finally, what prospects do you see for yourself through the guidance of the teaching learned, for attaining the goal of the teaching?