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What stand the most are the following concepts: moving like the Gods and Goddesses may lead to become one with them, paving the way for enlightenment. the stagnation of the flow of energy is impacting the progress in spiritual life.

Comments on the reply from Sebai MAA.
I like the concept related to psychological pathologies associated with stagnation of flow of energy leading to self destrucitve behaviors, aggressions, low self-esteem, etc… To be free from psychological pathologies, one needs to resolve to practice spirituality in order to purify the minds from such afflictions. Practicing common methods of psychology may help a little but will not remove completely the pathologies as these methods are not addressing the root cause which is our ignorance of our divine nature.

I also liked the proverb which informs us about our divine nature and about our purpose in life to to realize it in time and space. Striving for self-realization should be the only purpose of our life. All other strivings are due to ignorance.