Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 3 Discussion Forum

Bastu Yashi

Dua, Shems Akua, for your post. I appreciated your mention and relation of Goddess Shesheta, in regard to her realm of the Medtu – relating that to a dwelling place for the initiate. Also, to facilitate the initiate developing the self/creation concept, to eventually dwell in a place mentally, where reaching eternity is possible. I interpret this is as the goal of reaching Nehast in this lifetime, via integration of the Medtu Neter mystically. As you stated, Priestesses and Priests of anciency developed such mental and mystical integration of higher consciousness, again via study of the Medtu. Therefore, its realistic that study and reflection of the teaching (walking meditation) may further stimulate this process for the initiate.

I also related to how you expressed the relevance of the Medtu Neter, in regard to supporting the Divine in time and space. I appreciated your noting that this is processed via thoughts/feelings, which facilitates an eventual balance of the scales, again resulting in one being established in wisdom and enlightenment (Nehast). Your statement regarding the teachings, tats, which hold an infinite amount of meaning, is also key. The Medtu Neter thereby serve as a gateway to an infinite level of understanding. We can continue to contemplate them, regardless of our current level of attainment. As we continue to develop, study, reflect, meditate, serve and integrate, the swathings continue to be removed by the Goddess. Cultivating such qualities lead the initiate to be established in Maakheru – at all times, pure. As you summated, our eventual goal is to be seated in the Medtu Neter, which again serves as key pathway to reaching Nehast in this lifetime. Dua again for your intriguing post, htp.