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Bastu Yashi

1-What is Medtu Neter? How is it different from other writing systems, especially the western writing system?

Ancient Kamitians called writings hieroglyphic; we refer to them as Medtu Neter.
Sesh: scribes refer to glyphs as forms/images from a standpoint that they are concepts, giving form to ideas, they are Tats, an image/idea of something that exists in a conceptual reality.
Tat is a sign, concept, image or form (when nun takes form); a fundamental form of an idea. Similar to the expression of Tut Ankh Amen: A representation of a constant as is all that exists. This differs from other writing systems in that the conceptual meaning is expressed in a more mystical form, allowing the reader to personally integrate meaning on a higher level, via insights and inferences. We create tat of the self to exist in time and space. Medtu Neter thereby facilitates a closer connection between the reader as the self, source of the creation.

2-List the important topics covered in the book readings about Ancient Egyptian writing system: Medtu Neter and Why are they important for understanding Ancient Egyptian writing as well as the philosophy contained in it?

Greeks brought the Egyptian writing style to Greece; when they returned to Kemet in the late ancient period, they brought a form of the language which was originally attained during their archaic period. This was adjusted and later became Coptic, the last development of Ancient Kamitan language.
Protoglyphs: inscribed before stone age
Heiroglyph: carved in stone
Hieratic: used from old to new kingdom writing of clergy; they transformed glyphs to be able to write them by hand as opposed to in stone
Each Hieratic sign has direct correlation to a glyphic symbol
Demotic: late kingdom transformation from Hieratic
After Demotic came Coptic, alpha form
Sebai is Heiroglyphic, Middle kingdom
In moving to visual, tat aspect. Alphabetic language, (left brain); heiroglypic (right and left with imagery and ideographic); in going fully alphabetic, its more efficient for literal communication (left brain) not so easy for right brain (imagination, imagery); With alpha, it takes more analysis from letters to words to images ; this is a detrimental aspect of only using alpha; Language which is more descriptive is easier to integrate for the reader using a more holistic for of expression, via Medtu Neter, which emotes via visual witnessing of the hieroglyphs, developing the astral aspect of the personality.

3-What are the main take aways from the Introduction to Hieroglyphs video, the important teachings to remember about the Medtu Neter and how it works in principle?

Coptic writings have hieroglyphic origins; this language is still used by the Coptic Church in Kemet.
Medu (walking stick): a stand or crutch, something used to hold one up Neter; Neter needs a crutch to express itself in time and space; the Medu uses tats to create Medu Neter to create words/speech.
Medu Neter: once mastered, the aspirant becomes Maakheru, true of thought, word, deed; purified in body, mind, soul; If you don’t have sounds/words for concepts to be translated, we think of writing as concepts in the mind.
Words are crutch for mind to cognize the concepts; intellectually organizing the concepts mentally to identify appropriate cognition. Those with more extensive language skills can be “smarter,” integrating more intellectual concepts, ideas.
That’s what Medu Neter is: A venue for conceptual teaching bout the astral, mental plane, so it may come into existence on paper. Maa Kheru: once the aspirant masters the Medu Neter, one can utter it, as they become it. It is highly effective in transforming reality via Kheru, oar, moving beyond having a crutch; Kheru means you are making those words effective by living them in an ethical manner via Maa: have moved those ideas/concept/words in such a way that it has led to your purification and you are existing in truth; that’s what Shetaut Neter is all about.
We think in the language we speak/grow with; that language has thoughts and colloquialisms; if its negative, this is also expressed via language; it feeds on your egoism as well. As one considers the myths from a mystically, deeper understanding is facilitated. This develops the ability to live from the mythical aspect of language/teachings. Maut is the Duat level of Matnu, the ultimate goal of Neterian studies.