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In this post I was gratified to see in written form the rendition of the mythic wisdom using mythic wisdom metaphoric substitutions for the characters –this recalls the 2014 Tjef Neteru conference Level 2 in Jamaica 2014….and I would say that as you and others have done, beginning to have this insight at the beginning of this course allows a higher taking off point to receive the high wisdom of the teaching of the Temple of Aset.
Some examples:
While intoxicated by creation the soul mated with mortality thinking it was mating with wisdom…
Wisdom searched for the soul until…
This mating of wisdom and the immortality/the soul was not a mating that required the missing phallus but a mating that gave soul to wisdom and resurrection to the soul through their product…. true aspiration…

Here as third person:
Wisdom is needed to resurrect the soul. Wisdom knows the soul. Wisdom knows who you really are.
Wisdom will follow you and find you until she births your aspiration…
Very well
From here as you will see and may now see from the writings of others, there is another level of reporting, as first person account, as the teaching is about oneself; and this is already there and will be more and more as you progress.