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“I wondered since some of us had been conditioned to think that something outside of ourselves will come and save us one day, that intuitional wisdom can be mistakenly looked at that way as well. In other words while I indulge and remain intoxicated with time and space, wisdom will do the work and rescue us.”

My question to this would be: Is intuition a foreign entity or essence coming from outside to rescue the soul?

“I also reflected on why wisdom was not able to resurrect aspiration after it was bitten by the scorpion as a babe.It occurs to be that aspiration had to be with the soul to be nurturable and teachable by intuitional wisdom.”

At this point in the myth of the Asarian Resurrection Aset’s actions are not direct but rather indirect. Remember that she was not able to directly revive him as she did with Asar as intuition and soul are directly wedded or connected, indeed are one when there is no ego in between.
When Herudies he needs something that comes from source, from Ra, through Djehuty, words of power with spirit cosmic force, also representing that the spiritual journey entails stopping time and space and gaining direct divine grace for the spiritual struggle; in any case, all of that was only possible because she stops the boat to get it from him. Therefore, Aset is still the common denominator of the entire equation of the Asarian Resurrection and the birth and resurrection of Asar and Heru and there could be no Asarian Resurrection with out Aset (i.e. intuitional realization of Higher Self, orchestrated by the process of Khak-ab and Antet begag! Managed by she who is one and the same….intuitional wisdom and eternal follower after that supreme and Chief Being wherein all truth and power resides and that is not Ra but the source from whence even he arises!