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The realization “NUK-A” represents a transformation from Aset-set or Isis as woman, that is to say, human to Divinity.

An aspirant is to realize that they have the power to administer and remove the poison that causes the revelation of the nature of Self. If and when this power is realized then that term NUK-A can be spoken with conviction and Maa-kheru or truth of speech/effective speech and concomitantly with expansion of mouth which is to say, expansion of consciousness (Ur Uadjit/Behudet Neter-aah).


So long as an aspirant carries on a meek existence or an existence beset with ignorance or controlled by egoistic desires and notions, so long the wisdom and realization of “NUK-A” will be elusive.


Therefore, As enjoined in the Temple of Aset and the wisdom of her scripture, an aspirant is to intensively follow after that personality that expresses Asetian wisdom, for where Asetian wisdom is found is indeed the goddess herself that is being followed. That intensive following inexorably leads to the coveted realization.