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Heru Behudet color copy

I would add that every human being has the potential to manifest virtue to the extent that their ego (Set) has not completely subsumed the higher self below layers of opaque and negative aryu such that that higher perspective of self, that constitutes the support of all virtue, to at least make its presence felt through the thick coagulation of egoism in the mind and heart.
Indeed, what you call the universe the sages call their partner. For, when an aspirant, for whatever reason, is not able to follow a teaching given by the sage, then the partner of the sage comes forth with the whip or the lash to present the consequences and sufferings that could not be otherwise avoided; hence the lesson of life is delivered by words listened to, (Ancient Egyptian term sedjm) or they are heeded by force of worldly sufferings and frustrations. So it behooves one to listen and avoid having to suffer through the process of learning to face the delusions of life that prevent clear intellect and pure heart which are needed to attain Nehast (Enlightenment.)