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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 11
Udja Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and All. As this Lesson was a complete summary of the whole teaching of the scriptures of the Temple of Aset the usual answers to the questions have already been provided in the previous 10 lessons. However, within this Lesson 11 Sebai Maa reviewed in detail some of the key components, squeezing the fruity essences for us all to savor.

I will attempt to give the aspects of what stood out for me within the teaching. Firstly, Dua Goddess Aset for allowing these teachings to be brought through Sebai Maa and Seba Dja in such a comprehensive and elucidating way.

One important facet we learn right away is that this teaching is about a dual divinity and later in the scriptures we come to understand who that dual divinity is. Also Aset comes in the form of a woman (a human being just like us) so we may easily identify with that fact and have the capacity to follow what she thinks, feels and does with the proper understanding of the philosophy. I found this most profound to realize that we are given this opportunity and if she could do this why not us? But we must have a sturdy foundation of the philosophy and strong will just as Aset did.

We then are afforded insights into her reflections and meditations. We already know how intellectually skillful Aset was with her knowledge and mastery of many different sciences, religious studies, words of power etc. But these were not fulfilling, they were not abiding. She feels repudiated or “khak-ab” by them a key ingredient in this recipe for success on the spiritual path. One aspect we absolutely need to adopt for our own spiritual growth. Two others in the foundation recipe are “antet begag” relentless pursuit and “an chen” not stopping. Now we can knead our concoction into a very potent and important harpoon-like tool, a Taffy Shepsy or sacred serpent, one pointedness. In Lesson 4, Sebai Maa gave visual feedback to one of my posts about an analogy I used referencing these three aspects as traveling along a road then coming to a stop sign (the illusory aspect of Ra). Sebai Maa’s feedback of the stop sign on a wall and how we don’t need to keep banging into it, just concentrate our energies into one-pointedness (Taffy Shepsy) to pierce into the perceived wall pushing out one brick and it will crumble was so profound and impressed the importance of transforming the personality to realize the dual aspect of divinity. The illusion of the ego aspect of Ra will be shattered. But more is needed. We must continue our efforts in collecting the life force that is pouring from Neter Neterty Ra or our will begins to subside. As Aset was not dissuaded by the all the attributes Ra presented her with of his worldly aspect, she pressed on chanting “Djed n-a ren a-k”until she reached her goal of true enlightenment, forcing Ra to give her his true name, identity and finding her divine nature. Having done that she allowed Ra to be cured from the poison of her Taffy Shepsy and allowed him to continue in Creation with her Hekau of “Ra ankh metut mer” – “let Ra live and the poison die.” But now she also made a pact with Ra, assuring that we aspirants (Heru) would also be allowed to do as she did with the same tenacity, purity, and confidence of intuitional wisdom and will.

During the Lesson 11 Webinar we were asked to “shout out” words we found that impressed us. I mentioned that I found Verse 107 to be very reassuring as this speaks to the pact. As Sebai Maa pointed out this is an allusion to the Preceptor Aset. So this was not a one time deal for Lady Aset, now Goddess Aset as she was generous in her efforts to afford us the same opportunity if we so choose to follow her lead in the same manner. There are many words or phrases one may choose in this scripture, even the letter “M” which is symbolized in hieroglyphs as an Owl with meanings of through; inside of, by means of; as; is most important in Kemetic Medtu Neter and as Sebai Maa pointed out in Post #6950 “is the gateway to unraveling the mysteries of Ancient Egyptian scriptures and insights into the energy of transformation by the shape, countenance and gaze of the owl.”

I’d like to say Dua to Sebai Maa for all the work, time and effort to present this most Nefer teaching. He not only used the scripture from the Temple of Aset for this course but many other sources from the Asarian Resurrection myth, Hieroglyphs for Beginners Lamentations of the Two Sisters (Aset and Nebehet), Hymn to Amun, modern music, cartoons, etc. These brought the teachings another dimension of insights. Dua also to the postings and feedback from Seba Dja and the other aspirants that also assisted in giving clarity and other perspectives for more in-depth understanding of the teachings.

No words can truly express the gratitude I have for being accepted into this course and for the knowledge and experience I have gained and can now apply in this lifetime, but I will repeat the chant of the Temple of Aset as a start:

Dua Aset Hetheru Mut Neter Nebt pet henut Abot ityt Neteru! Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja and all aspirants!

Shems Baket