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Lesson 1 TOA
1. Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth.
The myth is about the struggle of human life. Humans who emerged from the source of creation from the very essence of the primordial ocean but who have forgotten who they are. The myth tells of the struggle with the forces of creation and the struggle to transcend creation. The forces that make up creation exist within/as the cosmos as well as coagulate to further form the human personality. The forces that form the human personality include the soul (immortality), intuitional wisdom, mortality (death of all things), the ego personality (controlled and uncontrolled) and the aspiration.

In the myth the soul and wisdom ruled on Earth. They governed the activities of human life. They gave the people civilization (farming, religion, philosophy…). There was a great party thrown one day to celebrate the return of the soul and wisdom to Kemet after traveling to spread civilization around the world. The soul was content within the world, was enjoying the party and became intoxicated with the things of creation. In this state, as this aspect of the soul, it was difficult to tell wisdom apart from mortality, wisdom’s other side. It was not able to discern the subtle differences between being entangled in the birth and death cycle of creation and the ability to expand beyond it. While intoxicated by creation the soul mated with mortality thinking it was mating with wisdom. This allowed mortality who loved the soul, who loved immortality, to give birth to the intellect/ discernment. This ability to discern and know right from wrong would play a pivotal role in the struggle in time to come. The soul will now experience the world and the death of the world in order to move beyond it.

The soul’s brother the uncontrolled ego personality who was the partner of mortality found about her mating with the soul. The qualities of the uncontrolled ego includes jealousy, anger, fear, hatred, pride, etc. These qualities of the human personality emerge within creation from the residue of accumulated thoughts actions and words from the experiences that are enjoined. These qualities of the ego submerged the soul by luring it into a coffin. The soul , who is the essence or the source of life, grew from that coffin life in the form of wheat. There it grew into a pillar and ended up in the palace of a king. Wisdom was needed to expand the awareness of the soul beyond even the love peace and beauty enjoyed in a royal palace. Wisdom searched for the soul until she found it. Wisdom even brought healing and purification to the baby of the king at the very palace where the soul was found.

After resurrecting the soul it was once again destroyed by the ego personality by being chopped up into 14 pieces. The soul was not able to be seen in its oneness but in pieces giving the impression that its existence is limited and fragmented. Example: perhaps some things have a soul and some don’t or some have more soul than others or the soul can be destroyed at all. This act of the ego lacked wisdom. It showed the grosser aspect of creation where the uncontrolled ego rules can be manipulated to mask the true nature of the soul. Wisdom searched again for the soul without giving up with the help of the death/mortality, discernment and the strength to carry the soul (Sobek). Wisdom found all his pieces and put them back together… all but one piece. She revived him once again long enough to mate with him to birth a child. This mating of wisdom and the immortality/the soul was not a mating that required the missing phallus but a mating that gave soul to wisdom and resurrection to the soul through their product…. true aspiration.

The soul remained in existence in the unseen realm while remaining within creation in the babe waiting to be discovered and redeemed. In the meantime the uncontrolled ego ruled the Earth. Fear anger, jealousy, revenge pride was how decisions were made. The ego sought to kill wisdom, aspiration and all order within creation. Wisdom hid in places where it couldn’t be found the ego and nurtured the babe until it can develop its own wisdom. At one point aspiration was found and killed by the ego while still a babe and had to join the soul until it can continue being nurse by wisdom again. It was developed by discernment ( the product of mortality with soul), taught by the cosmic mind, given life force energy and healing by the force of the sun, and stillness and clarity from the snorkel of Selket (in the world yet not).

After long battles after battles with the ego where aspiration was blinded and healed, killed and resurrected, bruised and battered, no one was a clear winner or loser. The counsel of the Forces of creation were undecided about which one of the two should rule the Earth. The soul who was summoned to decide give counsel reminded the cosmic forces that they too are part of creation which is temporary and will be subject to their own cycle of life and death and judgement and therefore to do what is in keeping with truth. This leads to the idea that cosmic forces/ creation in its denser form is susceptible to the manipulation of the ego and needs to transcended as well.
Aspiration at this point had grown from being a babe, the blind, child, warrior, master of the lower forces, representor of truth was able to expand in awareness of its true nature as the soul. It expanded past the reach of the ego through the intuitional wisdom that nurtured and taught him. The ego gave up at this point and returned to its place guiding the boat of creation. The struggle with the cosmic forces which from the cloudiness of the ego ended and order continued. The soul was redeemed and resurrected revealing the mystery as essence of all.

Take away from the myth and main teachings to remember:
The soul cannot die it can only be buried and scattered from your awareness.
Wisdom is needed to resurrect the soul. Wisdom knows the soul. Wisdom knows who you really are.
Wisdom will follow you and find you until she births your aspiration then she will not leave you then either until you expand into full consciousness of self.
The ego is touch and fierce but limited , there are places it cannot reach you.
There are surprisingly places the ego can reach so don’t become content in time and space even in the most quiet beautiful experiences.
A penis is not needed to expand in consciousness.
There are cosmic forces all around to birth, teach, and lead you. Be patient, you cannot defeat the ego with might alone.
Be touch, no one said it was easy. The ego will eventually accept its defeat
The universal soul knows truth.
Death of the world is needed to transcend the awareness of t&s and to know who you really are. She works with her other half wisdom.

From the video and current understanding: A- what was discovered about the importance of Aset B- What do you make of her character?
Aset (wisdom and intuition) is resilient, she knows how to heal, she knows the right chants and prayers. Aset knows how to hide, therefore she is subtle. The ego never found her. Aset does not settle for the things of creation, she wants to redeem the soul. She knows the true purpose of mortality and works well with her along with the other creation forces.