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Dua for your post Shems Aryt. It was interesting reading this perspective of the myth and its lessons. I was reflecting on the statement you wrote, “….when knowledge of self is lost,,,,,,,,intuitional wisdom will back you back to higher consciousness…..”

I wondered since some of us had been conditioned to think that something outside of ourselves will come and save us one day, that intuitional wisdom can be mistakenly looked at that way as well. In other words while I indulge and remain intoxicated with time and space, wisdom will do the work and rescue us.
wisdom had to resurrect the soul but the soul, immortality, had to be found to mate with wisdom for wisdom to birth aspiration.
I also reflected on why wisdom was not able to resurrect aspiration after it was bitten by the scorpion as a babe.It occurs to be that aspiration had to be with the soul to be nurturable and teachable by intuitional wisdom.