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Udja Sebai,

In your response #7605 to my post #7583 you have presented much to reflect upon. For example, you pose the question:

“What does all this illusoriness mean? Especially in terms of allowing Ra to continue his journeys, now albeit, unseated from His throne in the Solar boat?”

Perhaps illusion exists, so to speak, for the sake of being penetrated, and this is the true purpose of our lives—to solve the mystery. Illusion is the outer expression of the Divine Source that animates all Creation. It is like the smoke and mirrors of the magician that fools the eye into seeing what isn’t there, and yet believing what isn’t there.

As reflections of the Divine, it is in our nature to seek the Divine Source. Once we penetrate the illusion to get to the true Source we are no longer fooled by the magician’s trick, therefore the illusion can continue (because that is the nature of worldly existence) but we are no longer subject to it, having transcended the world of time and space, while existing in time and space.


Shems Heryt