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One of things that stuck with me from this lesson was to discover your Asarian Self is to become king/queen of thyself and this is achieved from Nehast. In order to see your immortal being is to experience thoughtlessness. This has changed my focus for meditation as I thought it was more towards a focal point of something vs removing all thought from the mind. It is important to note that this is the point just before creation as stated in the lesson.

Understanding the gods and goddesses as being one in the same and different expressions of the creator help to tie things more closely together. The reason for different expressions is tied to forms and function in time and space; or different energies.

-the most ancient civilization known in human history = Kemet
-Kemet & Kush = Kamu are the people of the black land
-Kush = black land of the south
-Kemet = black land of the north
-Asar led a group from Sudan to colonize Egypt
-Neterianism is a modern term for the Shetaut Neter
-Shetaut Neter was a fully developed religion by 10,000 BCE
-The Pursuit of Happiness: the main concern of the ancient Egyptians, death is the ultimate end of what you do on earth
-If you are not conscious about death, how can you live
-Ancient Proverb: Searching for one’s self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion
-the key to happiness is in your mind
-Ancient Proverb: Grief is natural to the mortal world, and is always about you; pleasure is a guest, and visiteth by thy invitation; use well thy mind, and sorrow shall be passed behind you; be prudent, and the visits of joy shall remain long with you
-living incorrectly you lead yourself to a downfall
-we are going to spend more time in death than in life
-confusion in the world is due to not following truth
-the path of truth/riotousness is Ma’at
-3 stages of religion = Shetaut Neter has all 3
1. Myth – Magnus – legend, story, myth
2. Ritual – Aru- ritual, ceremony
3. Mystical
-Most religions do not have all 3 stages & the other issue is the lack of integral practice
-we are spirits having a human experience – we can remember this through ritual and mysticism
-who we are = spirit
-what we are = manifestation, the social experience
-Khepri (the creator) is the founder of Neterianism
-the 1st accompany of the gods & goddesses were formed in the city of Amun
-if you can extend the thoughtlessness you can see your immortal being (Nehast)
-Nebejer (the one) gives rise to Amun, Ra, & Ptah
-all the gods and goddesses have different forms/functions but are all part of the one. The same. The creator
-creation requires different cosmic forces, different energies in creation
-Khepri created creation and gave the philosophy to Djehuti and he wrote it down and gave the teaching to Het Heru who gave it to Asar and Aset
-Shetaut Neter = The Hidden Divinity
-Sema = Yoga / Tawi = Land
-When Heru and Set come together = Sema Tawi = the joint of the two lands (lower & higher self)
-Nehast = spiritual awakening (The Great Awakening)
-Kemetic Religion is not gender specific
-Discover your Asarian Self & you become king/queen of self


1. I have 4 children and they have been asking what I am studying and how they can learn about it as I have been trying to break them away from Western religion and thinking. They range from from Middle school to beginning elementary in age. Are the Asarian Myth books for kids and the adult book for teaching the best introduction? WOuld this be a good starting point for a spouse as well?

2. I listened to your explanation for how to discipline children from Jason’s question. Following Hotep and working towards this can you explain how one can help children begin to follow this same philosophy so that there is peace and harmony throughout the house?

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