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Bastu Akhu


Much Dua Sebai Maa for the insight of seeing my reflections as a pledge/ affirmation. I came to the forum to add the following to my post and seen that you had commented on it. I am amazed at the timing of the goddess at times as I just now came accross the following reading that we covered earlier in our lessons and it gave me much spiritual strenght as it did when I first heard it…It sums up my feelings and aspirations as well…
“The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment and the knowledge of the First and Chief Being,  who alone is the object of the understanding of the mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her. And this also is what the very name of her temple promiseth to us, that is to say, the knowledge and understanding of the eternal and self-existent Being…”