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Book African Origins Hardbound B

book comparative mythology


The topics covered here are quite extensive and followed up in the books African Origins and Comparative Mythology. Indeed the system of cultural factors for comparative study was developed to be able to systematically and empirically look at the similarities between cultures and also be able to discern if there is a basis for using such comparisons to inform any gaps in other cultures to which similarities may be positively established. Therefore, this study is valuable academically but for the aspirant it can also serve to answer nagging questions that leave the mind unsettled and which act to thwart positive spiritual movement even though they relate to historical or cultural events that are in the end based in time and space and therefore illusory and unimportant in reference to higher spiritual self-discovery. Nevertheless, when these issues are important to an individual these studies can be helpful in resolving internal conflicts or delusions so as to be able to move forward in the spiritual path of life.

I am not sure what you are referring to: “Jaw from the King and the Queen?”