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Dua for your summary of this lesson.

I have been thinking for some time about doing a series on Kemetic/Neterian psychology but it is so extensive it would be difficult to compile and present without extended time of a project solely dedicated to that purpose. Nevertheless, you have discerned correctly that Shetaut Neter is based in mystic psychology or what I call “Psychomythology” in which the study, practice and experience of it leads to a psycho/mythic/mystic evolutionary process that produces a true human being, one who is aware of divine consciousness as well as time and space reality as opposed to pseudo-humans who are ware of only time and space and place lip-service to a faith-based illusory reality that supports their worldly desires and pursuits and leaves them spiritual bankrupt even as they mask such bankruptcy in the fervor of religious culture that is neither ethical or based in reality (relative or absolute), the way it is practiced.

Therefore, an avid aspirant is also one who studies the teaching of Djehuty (Cosmic Mind) as dictated by Lord Khepri (Creator), about the Shetaut Neter hidden mysteries. This is a study of cosmogony and also of language so as to reshape the format of mind and realign it with the perspectives of truth and divine origins wherein the true self is discovered.