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Bastu Akhu

Udja All,
Shems Hyert statement “this is no simple acheivement nor is it for the faint of heart” reminded me of the strong khak ab of Lady Aset that Sebai talked about in the video lesson. Aset sets her mind on knowing the true name of Ra and with determined will and focus she acheived her goal. And as Shems Baket said in her nefer posting “Aset is showing us the way to that discovery but it is up to us to activate the desire, intensity and endurance that she examplified for us to access the same goal.” and as Sebai Maa added so profoundly that khak ab in its highest form means “…relinguishing the ego and adopting the persona of the Goddess as one’s own until the Supreme Name has been discovered.”
Again this task requires above average aspirational capacity and surrendering to the goddess is a must to be successful in our quest. Dua Sebai Maa, Shems Baket and Shems Hyert for such profound gems at this junction in the course. Emulating Lady Aset is what it means to truly follow the path she has laid out for us. Truly grateful. Dua Goddesss Aset!


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